Ray Ban Wayfarer is a famous brand, with a large number of users with their fans. Ray Ban Wayfarer is one of the classic one. Obviously very much like this glasses. U.S. legendary eyewear brand Ray Ban Wayfarer style it is doomed from the moment of the birth of a generation of classic, over the years become a major brand has also been the object imitated but never surpassed, and only in the original Ray Ban the contour, giving it the most orthodox modern soul.
Came to the 2013 spring quarter, Ray Ban Wayfarer play again in a new pattern, bringing a new Folding Ray Ban Wayfarer Collection. Spirit portable design essentials, the new series of glasses in addition to cater to the season with a colorful atmosphere, designers are still at the bridge of the nose into the ingenuity, so that users can freely be folded, so that type cells are much more relaxed.
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